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I remember trying to explain my chef roommate what was typography.

Almost as if all my prayer were answered the Documentary Helvetica happened!!!!

So naturally i  dragged him to the AIGA Screening

and just as this typeface changed my life

his as well (and that of all his customers)

because restaurant menus LOVE papyrus (eek!)

So enjoy the trilogy

All by Gary Hustwit

Followhim @gary_hustwit






Grids have been described in design literature for at least 50 years.

Rumor has it Josef Muller Brockman swore by it and goes on to state:

“allowed for the designer to worry about more important things like font, color and contents”

Download pdf here: 3×4 Grid

For more info:




now all i need is a razor font…






A few months back I was in desperate need of a printing handbook…

After a whole night of getting Shushed,

kick out of aisles,

 harassed by clerks: can’t block the aislescan’t block the aisles

Yup where else but goo ‘ole Barnes & Nobles.

Still came back empty handed, + disappointed and bruised (sharped corner shelves) …WOW this must mean the end of print in a digital world?

Then I remembered what a wise man once told me “Good things come to those who wait”

AHAA and boy was he right!  look what I found at:  



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